The 8 Times That Cleaning Defeated You

  1. When you had young children: newborns or toddlers, you had no choice but to let go of your usual standards.
  2. When you moved in with your partner: it meant you both had to adjust your routines and, probably for some amount of time, cleaning was not a priority… Or it was too challenging to face. You argued about the right brand of toilet cleaner, and you squabbled about how to hang up the washing properly. Eventually you worked it out, and now you’re a well-oiled machine.
  3. When you had to move out of your rental: you needed your bond back, and you simply couldn’t chance not getting that deposit back. You might have been able to do a good enough job for your landlord, but you didn’t want to risk it.
  4. When you sold your home: the whole house… And the yard? Looking brand new? You didn’t even believe that were possible after all the times you bumped furniture into the walls. Cleaning everything from top to bottom, inside and out turned out to be too much more – after all, it’s a different ball park to cleaning up to have people over.
  5. When the terrible tenants moved out of your rental home: they evidently didn’t care about getting their bond back (which they definitely didn’t). It wasn’t just “unclean.” It was filthy. There was grim growing on some walls, and on others walls there were holes.
  6. When you got your first pet: hair everywhere. Food everywhere. Poop everywhere. And of course, animals can’t clean up after themselves, so you had to adjust your routine in accordance with having another creature totally relying on you.
  7. When you had roommates from hell: you all started out great. You had a roster, and chores, and the whole deal. You really tried, but your roommates didn’t care as much as you did. They were slack and, despite trying everything, you just couldn’t be bothered cleaning up their mess… So their mess just sat there. Staring you in the face.
  8. When you throw a party at university: when you woke up the next day, you vowed never to tell your friend to bring their friends. The cans, the bottles, the sticky floor, the overpowering smell of last night that doesn’t help your hangover.